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Step into Liquid




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This movie has no stunts and no special effects. This film will give you a pure rush that tops the excitement level most conventional summer surf flicks have.

They made an effort to find a group of top female surfers who can match most anyone.

This movie shows global surf riding with enormous waves that appear capable of destroying small towns. Nature shows us all she's got, and the danger these daredevils put themselves through for fun.

After watching this, I know why I never surfed.

Cowabunga, dudes! Step into Liquid is an updated documentary of surfing around the world.

Directed by Dana Brown, son of Endless Summer's Bruce Brown, this sequel to a sequel shows surfing as both sport and religion, with legions of devotees spread throughout the Earth.

Quirky, fun, and just beautiful to watch, this film is a vicarious thrill for surfers and viewers alike.

This movie shows eye-popping footage of the top surfers in the world.

These wave riders make the impossible look easy. It is heart pounding, stunning stuff.

Everyone can thrill to the breathtaking photography in this film.

Step into Liquid will take you to spots you might not otherwise see, and gives you a new appreciation of this sport.

This world-champion brand of surfing is extreme and beautiful to watch, but (clearly) not for amateurs.

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