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Gene the Barber
Snick the Sidekick
Gordie the Barber
Stardust should be a good time had by all. There's action for the men and romance for the ladie. But leave the little critters at home.

I found you can stumble your way through the movie even though you haven't read the book, but being familiar will make it easier to follow.

The plot works around three stories, with a whole lot of fantasy adventure and special effects. Plus Robert Deniro in drag.

How could you ask for more?
Stardust nearly defies description. It's a fairy tale, sci-fi, romance, comedy.

And in a day of prequels, sequels, and threquels, it's a refreshing change.

It's a charming tale told tongue in cheek with delightful performances and a few oddball cameos.

A true diamond in the rough.
A young man and his fallen star go on a romantic fairy tale fantasy adventure that turns out to be a spooky, rollercoaster thrill ride.

The picture has an exceptional cast of characters and is a film of comedy and imagination.

The movie takes viewers to a mystical land where ships fly, stars walk, and magic is real.

(This flick is not for small kids.)

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