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This fast moving spy thriller has all the right stuff I expected, with top-secret documents and all the other cloak-and-dagger drama that goes with it.

Robert Redford plays a cagey maverick C.I.A. officer who postpones his retirement to rescue a former protégé played by Brad Pitt.

The chemistry has never been better between these two actors. This well-done movie will make you think just how close to home things are now.

Rouge spy Brad Pitt is in trouble and the clock is ticking.

Can his ex-C.I.A. boss, on the eve of retirement, do anything to help? You bet, and he'll do it right in front of the guys grilling him.

A tense complex buddy/buddy spy thriller sure to both confuse and entertain.

Sings, Let it snow

Spy Game's
story spans the period from 1975 to 1991. It's a secret agent tale that combines a cold-war thriller and a buddy movie.

Told in flashback, the film follows the two men's relationship from Vietnam to Berlin to Beirut.

The plot is grim and often depressing, but there's a spirit-lifting twist in the end that left me content with the outcome.

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