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Spiderman, and that's what you get. I was not disappointed.

Don't question the powers he possesses, like sticking to walls, shooting spider webbing from his wrists, or swinging from building to building. It's what Spiderman does best, just have lots of fun watching him do his job. I sure did.

Also, there's a full list of developed colorful characters to add to the fun.

This is really a good crowd pleaser, and I'm looking forward to the sequel.

Finally, the old webhead makes it to the big screen, and Sam Raimi's directorial spider sense maintains that comic-book feel.

But it's Peter Parker who picks a pack of peculiar problems. After being bitten by a genetically altered arachnid, he must juggle school, the girl next door, photography and a crime-fighting career.

How could it not be good? After all, he's your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

Spiderman has finally made the big jump from comic book to the big screen. It gets the summer movie season off to a real blockbuster start.

I liked the way the film sets up the original comic-book story, by telling how the Spiderman came into being.

The picture is daring, bold, colorful, and well paced with an excellent cast of characters.

I'm already looking forward to the sequel to see if the superhero can catch the romantic interest in his website.

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