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Spiderman 2




Gene the Barber

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After seeing Spiderman 2, you're going to appreciate a film that gives you plenty of entertainment value for your money.

There's a decent amount of good action scenes mixed with plenty of human drama, laughs, and emotions.

This is the best comic book film ever for me, and Dr. Octopus is the best bad guy you'll ever meet.

Moviegoers don't miss this one.

Peter Parker's life is in turmoil. He's always late, he can't keep a date, his grades are failing, and the paper he works for still thinks Spiderman is some sort of criminal.

And if that's not enough, a new villain plagues the city.

Superhero angst gets its due in this top-notch sequel to the 2002 blockbuster, as your friendly neighborhood Spiderman decides between love and his destiny.

Which do you think he'll choose?

It looks like Spiderman has spun his magic web again.

This time around the filmmakers have let his force interact more deeply with his love relationship, his family, and his friends.

The movie covers a lot of territories; it's a superhero flick, a coming of age tale, and a romance that's crucial to the development of both the plot and the characters.

I liked the humor, with its greater importance put upon the human side of the story.

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