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This week's reviewed movie is:
Get Smart




Gene the Barber

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I was a real fan of the 1960 TV series Get Smart, based on a funny spy spoof staring Don Adams as Maxwell Smart.

I thought Steve Carell made a perfect Maxwell Smart, capturing the character and keeping most of the feeling of the old show.

The action is virtually nonstop, and everything they tried did not work all the time, but sheer silliness pulled it through for myself -- plus the nostalgia factor.

Would you believe it was better than I thought by that much?

Would you believe a poorly written, average action film?

Fans of Get Smart will be disappointed in this mediocre retelling of the TV show made popular by the humorous writings of Mel Brooks and Buck Henry.

Perfectly cast, this nod to the 60s spy show is just that -- a nod in name only.

Maxwell Smart's catch phrases are delivered with lackluster enthusiasm and his character is turned into a pathetic desk jockey fantasizing about the spy world.

Sorry about that, chief.

Steve Carell, the comedic actor and star of the TV show The Office sort of fell into the part of forgetful super spy Maxwell Smart.

In this new big-screen movie version, the star spends his days at the secret agency writing reports nobody reads.

He dreams of being a hotshot field agent, and gets his chance when evil forces from overseas attack and destroy his headquarters.

He than sets off to save the world with a hostile but good-looking female agent by his side.

The film's tone is more slapstick than story, which plays to Carell's deadpan, silly, humorous talents.

I liked the funny bits of action comedy scattered throughout the flick.

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