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The Magdalene Sisters is a hard-hitting film dealing with the true story of Irish Catholic asylums, where women were imprisoned without recourse for moral crimes--which robbed thousands of women of their liberty, with little explanation, no hearing, and no recourse.

It's powerful material, presented honestly without overdramatizing any of the story.

The actors gave a solid performance throughout, showing the heartbreaking bleak story that is hard to believe.

The asylums were closed in 1996, and this is a story that needed to be told.

Based on real events, this movie tells the fictionalized account of three new girls forced into the workhouse prison environment of the Magdalene asylums--a place where wayward girls worked off their sins for the Sisters of Mercy, a place of forced labor, humiliation, and constant reminders of their moral corruption.

A moving study of the horrors of institutionalism.

This movie reveals and uncovers a dark chapter in Irish history, around 1965.

The film is based on factual occurrences of three girls who, for a variety of unjustified reasons, were locked up without trial and sentenced to forced, unpaid labor.

The picture is a scary look at institutional cruelty that processed some 30,000 victims through the Magdalene Laundries in the 1970s; the last closed in 1996.

These barbaric, inhuman punishments against women are unbelievable, but true.

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