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This week's reviewed movie is:
The Simpsons Movie

Gene the Barber
Snick the Sidekick
Gordie the Barber
This dysfunctional yellow clan from the mysterious city of Springfield has certainly earned their shot at the big screen, and they were not a disappointment either.

The Simpsons Movie manages to be true to the T.V. series, while expanding on what makes them work so well.

There was a steady stream of off-handed nutty jokes -- sight gags and pop culture shots that keep things moving nicely.
The picture is certainly smart enough to please fans , and even the fence-sitters like myself.
America's favorite family has finally made it to the big screen , and what a difference: Marge swears, Maggie speaks, and Bart goes au naturel.

Meanwhile, Homer tries to fix the world he nearly put an end to (doh!) as Lisa finds true love.

Yes, they're back, they're larger than life, and still dysfunctional.

Simpsons, we love you!
The best thing about this long-awaited feature-length animated comedy is that they've made everything bigger, longer, and uncut.

The star, Homer, is still an average American screwup in a world of hypocrisy and fatty foods.

This classic film plays with family psychology, social commentary, and smart visuals with verbal jokes tossed out at high speed.

In Hollywood, they're calling The Simpsons Movie a real Homer, especially at the box office.

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