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I really enjoyed the behind-the-scene story of making a movie about Simone, a gorgeous virtual reality actress they digitally implanted into the film.

This satire film sets out to needle the industry (all in fun) The story gets better after she becomes famous, and makes you think, can Hollywood really make fake actors?

I think they're getting close.

Al Pacino delivers another outstanding showing of his talent and range.

Simone is a director's dream come true, an actress who will do anything; but is puppet master Al Pacino up to the task?

A funnier premise than movie, Simone generates few laughs thanks to Andrew Niccol's heavy-handed script and direction.

A lightly humorous film with no suprises that will remind you of a dozen other films, including Niccol's own Truman Show.

Al Pacino plays a washed-up filmmaker in the science fiction comedy called Simone.

The picture has more plot than most Hollywood movies. The star acquires a computer hard drive containing the technology to digitally fabricate a film actress and insert her into a movie.

This is erotic magic, a function entirely of fantasy that's a worship of nothing but a good set-up for some sharp comedy and incisive commentary.

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