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Establishing moods with slow camera movement and a lack of music in certain scenes makes the most out of nothing seem instantly creepy; then comedy gets rid of tension that's created.

This is a skillfully made suspense shocker that relies on timing and suggestion, rather than special effects.

At times, it's quite funny, then scares the pants off you.

My kind of movie. It sure worked for me.

Mysterious crop circles appear and it's another trip down the Pennsylvanian roads of M. Night Shyamalan as all hell breaks loose in this good, old-fashioned psychological thriller.

A scary movie that is taut, suspenseful, and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Did I mention the aliens?

I felt trapped in this movie. It was like being held in a panic room for 90 minuets with the windows nailed shut to keep the aliens out.

In the picture, the family sits huddled in a farmhouse with a few electric lights.

There are times when this film looks as if it were staged for radio, since I could barely see the actors. The aliens try and try to crack through boarded up openings in the building.

The movie makers are asking us to believe that aliens travel a billion light years to get here to take over the planet, but forgot to bring along a hammer and can't seem to figure out how to unlock a pantry door.

This is bad science fiction and crop circle signs that lead to nonsense.

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