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Shutter Island is a psychological thriller and dares you to question the real investigation going on, sucking you into the story knowing how movies have the ability to mess with your head.

I could give you a few more clues that would be helpful, but that would spill the beans.

What I liked about this film is when you leave the theater a little jittery and unsettled, it shows that movies possess uncanny powers.

Isn't that why we go?

The trailer makes this look like the scariest movie ever made, but paranoids rejoice -- it's all about suspense.

Is anyone trustworthy at Shutter Island?

No, not the doctors, not the nurses, not the drug-induced inmates -- and ultimately not the writer or director.

What you see is not what you get.

It's a cheat, or maybe it's just a two-hour therapy session.

In the end, you can't help but to ask yourself, who's crazier? The inmates at this institution or me for taking the trip there?

he story revolves around two U.S. Marshals who arrive by ferry at a remote island off Boston.

The men are there to investigate the escape of a murderer from a mental health facility called Shutter Island.

he movie addresses some strong, disturbing concepts, but despite effective performances by the leads, the film's psychological impact is minimal.

It doesn't pack the punch one has come to expect from the director, but still his complete skill has lifted what might otherwise be a mediocre attempt into something watchable.

This flick is like a jigsaw puzzle; while not as twisty as some, it nevertheless is enticing to piece together and try to figure out a method to its madness.

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