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Shutter is supposed to be a horror film meant to give viewers the willies, but fails big-time by rating it PG13.

It holds back the CGI effects so common in horror films, making it little more than a series of predictable conversations with eerie loud sound effects letting you know whenever you're supposed to be afraid.

I think the only message the ghost really sends is, "ha, ha, ha, I ruined your pictures."

In the world of Asian scare films, this remake shows you just how bad one can be, and why we see films--so you don't have to.

A young photographer and his wife are terrorized as images of a dead girl continually appear on his photographs, proving there is no modern technology safe from the spirit world.

Yes, it's as idiotic as it sounds!

The movie, Shutter, is the latest Asian remake of a 2004 Thailand ghost tale.

This Americanized horror film fumbles through several awkward flashbacks to tell a convoluted story that winds together.

The original flick might have made more sense, but this picture ultimately unravels at the end with a contrived scheme in the crazy plot plan.

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