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Shrek 2




Gene the Barber

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Shrek 2 is bright, witty, and nearly without a dull spot in the entire movie.

I can hardly remember when I've heard the audience belly laughing all through a film.

They poke fun by mocking other animation, movies, and TV shows, but most of the gags come from its own sense of humor rather than outside sources.

You might have to see this flick twice to catch all the jokes with pop culture references.

Don't miss this visual treat; there's plenty for the whole family.

Despite how I feel about sequels, Shrek 2 contains some pretty funny moments.

It's the jabs at Cops, the red carpet, Disney, Mission Impossible, and Lord of the Rings that make it such an enjoyable escapade, with Antonio Banderas nearly stealing the show as the loveable assassin, Puss in Boots.

Now this could easily have been a retread, but clever writing and new characters make it as original as the original.

As in the first film, it becomes clear that the Shrek animators were having fun putting everything together in this sequel.

The picture looks as bright and imaginative as the original.

I thought it had an attractive mix of animated comedy, romance and adventure.

A solid, enjoyable family movie.

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