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Shooter is a decent political thriller with enough action and conspiracy to entertain most male movie fans -- but not much to offer the ladies.

It deals with government officials who abuse their powers, and there's enough story about the life of the sniper/sharpshooter that will probably be the most satisfying when realizing he's been set up and forced to run for his life when he's framed for murder.

It's far from perfect, but I found this film satisfying.

Mark Wahlberg is nearly believable as a Ramboesque sharpshooter caught up in the middle of political corruption.

However, this action/thriller filled with government conspiracy, cardboard bad guys, and some of the worst dialog in a decade fails to deliver -- not on action, which is almost nonstop, but on believability.

We've seen this nonsense before.

The movie, Shooter, is a better-than-average thriller.

It mixes intense emotion, governmental back stabbing, double-dealing, and cover-ups into the structure of their story.

The message of the film is: never trust anyone in power, because they are out to get you.

The action is almost non-stop after the first half-hour.

It's the fast-paced, energetic good guys with impossible odds and only one way out against the bad guys.

This is not a date flick and contains adult language, torture, and violent gunplay.

This picture is really the struggle of one man against the system.

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