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My first big impression of Sherlock Holmes is the visual picture of the 19th century -- gray, grimy looks of industrial London.

The costumes, sets and the cinematography is a big plus for this movie.

Next comes the story, built around master detective Holmes and his partner Dr. Watson, who must stop Lord Blackwood's murderous secret society and supernatural doings (he seemingly has risen from the dead).

This film is really fun to watch, and Robert Downey, Jr. made a great Sherlock Holmes, who should be around for another sequal with this new image.

This is NOT the Sherlock Holmes you remember.

Gone are the meerschaum pipe and deerstalker cap.

He's still a deducting genius, and his love for his chronicler and best frind John H. Watson has not diminished.

Instead, we have a combination of brains and brawn, as action hero and consulting detective dig deeply into a mysterious religious cult.

Purists may cringe, but this Holmes will surely stand the test of time.

Watson, the game is afoot!

The latest reimagined movie Sherlock Holmes matches the 19th-century detective and his sidekick, Dr. Watson, against the sinister Lord Blackwood, and occultist who claims to have black magic powers.

Holmes the Victorian crime-fighter makes use of both his martial arts sills and his famously deductive mind to defeat the evil villain.

This big-budget studio production delivers bare-knuckled fight scenes, massive explosions, and highly choreographed action.

It's a real iron-man blockbuster that looks like a new beginning for Holmes and a quick sequel.

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