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After a successful career in London's underworld of crime, Gal Dove (Played by Ray Winston) was forced out of retirement by Don Logan (Played by Ben Kingsley) an old underworld associate who is pure evil with a vicious temper, and every word that comes out of his mouth is poison.

You just don't say no to this scumbag or he'll kill you. I'll guarantee you'd come out of retirement too. You'd be too scared of him not to.

My only draw back about this film was I had trouble understanding the dialect, but you truly must see this flick to believe it.

Good evening, and welcome to the gritty and gloomy world of the British gangster flick.

If the plot seems a little paper-thin at times, don't worry, all will become clear, thanks to quick cuts and gratious flashbacks.

With disjointed action and an incomprehensible script, this movie is almost as baffling as its title.

Well -acted with some extremely odd visuals, too weird for words alone.

The movie title, Sexy Beast is misleading. No one in the film is sexy (in my view).

I think crazy beast best describes at least one character. The story is essentially a caper flick that focuses on a retired British mobster who is determined to honor a promise he made to his wife, to stay out of crime.

There's no way I could ever be entertained by this film, unless English subtitles were employed under the main character scenes. The accents were sometimes so thick and irritating to understand that it left critical elements of the dialogue simply lacking.

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