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This might be exactly what certain people are looking for now a days, a good date movie for adults.

It's about a couple destined to be together and fate determines their future, which pushes it to the wall.

It's entirely predictable with its own kind of charm, romance, and humor. The performances are all fine and I enjoy just about anything John Cusack does.

It'll make the guys laugh and the girls cry--so everyone wins with this light-hearted flick.

This is truly one of those cases where the trailer is better than the film--although there is chemistry between the stars here.

This romantic comedy suffers from a weak screenplay.

Both the fiancées are way too nice, and the situations are just too predictable.

Likable fluff, but sweet and corny.

Serendipity is a romantic comedy that tries to build suspense and romantic expectations by keeping the stars away from one another for most of the movie.

They did such a good job of running around New York City and San Francisco, staying away from each other and leaving their reunion entirely to the powers of fate that I felt robbed of the opportunity to enjoy them interacting.

I was disappointed in the short time they actually did spend in each other's company.

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