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Secondhand Lions




Gene the Barber

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Gordie the Barber




This movie focuses on the caring relationship that develops between a boy abandoned by his flighty mother and two old codger grand uncles.

This movie is bound to please the young and old alike with something for the whole family, like flashbacks of adventures of the two uncles in Africa involved with the foreign legion, a beautiful princess, a jealous sheik and lots of swashbuckling over hoards of treasure.

Academy Award winning actors Michael Caine and Robert Duvall are simply a pleasure to watch and keep things a bit above the ordinary.

Just a real crowd-pleaser in the most old fashioned way.

Secondhand Lions is a light family film with an excellent cast about growing up and growing older.

It's about the difference between truth and fable and which is better to believe.

Sweet, but not cloying and sentimental without being preachy, it shows that some of life's lessons are hard to forget and that you don't have to give up the past to live for today.

This movie has a simple and touching coming-of-age story that has enough charm and oddness to grab the attention and imagination of kids and adults alike.

It's a funny fantasy, live-action family film with a big heart.

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