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Scream 3




Gene the Barber

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Scream 3 reintroduces its cast of survivors from Scream 1 & 2.

It would help a lot to be a fan of the first two movies to truly enjoy and understand, because it's a continuation of the other stories.

It's packed with murder, humor, suspense, cheap scares, pretty girls, and plenty of suspects to pick from, with a good surprise ending.

A real slice and dicer all the way, so go and scream your your buns off, horror fans. I'm one, too.

In an attempt to even out a gorefest with some humor, this sequel tries not to take itself too seriously, but it comes off as self-mocking almost to the point of nausea.

Enjoyable, but the bloodiest of the trilogy, and red is not my favorite color.

First there was Scream 1, then Scream 2, and now in Scream 3, the present up-to-date psycho-with-a-knife is messy and careless, and that's because the film's advanced awareness of fearful stereotypes doesn't extend to anything beyond the first two Scream films.

The recent slasher series comes to a choppy close in Scream 3, a scarefest with a dreadfully dull edge.

The only thing the film kills with any finalness is your time.

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