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The Score is an old-fashion heist thriller that makes me not want it to end. It's smart, clever, and tense.

It will keep you in suspense, watching everything fall into place like clockwork.

The cast alone is worth the price, just to watch the interplay between DeNiro and Norton. Brando added just the right touch with his funny lines.

It's a classy film that builds right to the suprising and satisfying ending.

Brando, DeNiro, Norton--the star power alone should make this a great motion picture.

But actors without good lines is like a morning without a sunrise--it just don't happen. A movie needs a good script for good acting to take place-and there is good acting here, bogged down by bad screenwriting, which is too bad.

The tension buildup is handled masterfully, but to no avail.

Another heist film with no payoff.

The Score is a finely tined piece of work; it's a classic heist movie from above ground and below. I especially liked the masterminding of the grand plan, leaving enough of the secret twists so that when it plays out on the screen it leaves you wanting more.

It left me on the edge of my seat, and was suspenseful and electrifying from beginning to end.

Possibly the best all-star cast that I've seen assembled together; it's like a three-way tie in acting, if you're keeping score.

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