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I thought Woody Allen's Scoop had potential, with touches of fantasy and bits of Hitchcock thrown in.

At other times it falls flat, with too many dead spots.

Allen has cast himself as the father figure, having some fun with his one-liners: since he hoards almost all the best bits of dialogue for himself.

Scoop isn't awful/awful, but not up to his potential.
After a triumphant comeback with Match Point, it is truly disappointing to see Woody fall back into the Allen abyss.

Scoop is a lackluster murder mystery that is neither mysterious nor funny, with Allen casting himself in one of the most irritating and uninspired roles ever.

Chuckles do not a Woody Allen movie make.
Woody Allen's new movie Scoop is a mediocre film compared to his last picture Match Point.

Scoop is a labored romantic/comedy whodunit mystery with a defective story that doesn't make sense in retrospect.

It's a companion piece that suffers in comparison to its predecessor.

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