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It's hard to imagine Jack Nicholson coming up with another suprising performance, yet that's exactly what he did. The script has plenty of amusing twists and turns and filled with great comic support, notably Kathy Bates. This film might encourage you to live your life before it passes you by. It sure will make you think. Just a delightful, one of a kind motion picture not to miss.


Jack Nicholson stars as Warren Schmidt, a man who has just retired in time to find out he has wasted his life. In a valiant attempt to square things, he adopts a foster child by mail and hits the road to stop his only daughters wedding-discovering a lot about himself along the way. Sad, poignant, and funny, Nicholson turns in what is sure to be an Oscar nominated performance. The movie begins with the star struggling in retirement. He's 66 and has been working as a Nebraska insurance executive. He has paid out a lifetime of work: days calculating when a man is likely to die but has never let himself feel the shocking surprise of what its like to live. This guy is a bit player in his own uneventful life. The power of this great film is in the details, part comedy, part tragedy, part sarcastic, and it's also a trip of self discovery, a painful, touching picture that delivers a telling message. With Jack Nicholson doing the telling, it's all the more fun.

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