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The Rundown




Gene the Barber

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For me, the Rock proves quite well that he's going to be a very good action hero.

When he gets hurt, he manages to make you feel his pain. The fighting is intense and quite funny.

Technically, The Rundown is a very slick movie. The director and cinematographer pull off a few new impressive and glitzy tricks that will get your attention.

Another plus is the movie doesn't slide downhill, and is an effort that will please the crowd it was made for.

If you like good action, surrounded by a bad movie, The Rundown may be the movie for you.

Dwayne Johnson (A.K.A. The Rock) stars as Beck, a money collector with one last job.

Stilted dialogue, quick cuts, and zero character development make this one of the year's worst movies; all in search for a gold statue (which is the only one any of these actors will ever see.)


Dwayne Johnson, called The Rock, a pro-wrestler turned movie star, has a great time in this action-packed adventure film.

The action sequences are new and different, and the camera work is powerful and mostly effective.

The star uses his fighting and wrestling moves, along with a great sense of humor to create a light-hearted, entertaining picture.

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