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RocknRola is a story about London's criminal underworld.

This tale of cross and double-cross brings some of the scrappiest tough guys against its more-established booming real estate gangsters.

There is lots of wild camera moves -- speeded-up shots, whiplash edits, and other assorted tricks.

There's so much visual stuff going on it's hard to follow all the twists.

This should be an enjoyable crime thriller for all the Guy Ritchie fans, but brought no solid payoff for me.

With the exception of Revolver and Swept Away, which were both box office bombs, Guy Ritchie seems to have only one film in him, which he keeps making over and over with continued success.

And this one is no exception. He has the Tarrantino-style patter and quick-cut action down to a science.

But what's up with the British gangsters?

With multiple plot lines and bizarre twists and turns, it's still the same old from this talented director.

It's enjoyable in a cartoon deja vu sort of way.

RocknRolla was written and directed by Madonna's ex-husband Guy Ritchie.

The movie is his third raid into London's underworld.

The tale features a group of low-level thugs with English accents trying to rob each other.

What I didn't like about this flick was its reliance on narration to explain the intricate shady, crooked business dealings in the story and Ritchie's over-use of a voice-over narrator to introduce characters.

The film became hard to follow, and to remember previously introduced characters was also irritating, in my opinion.

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