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If you're looking for the tale of Robin Hood, it's not here: you'll have to wait for the sequel to see THAT film.

The plot is terribly complicated, and has very little humor, taking itself too seriously.

So here's my verdict on Robin Hood: the Legend: it's a new story you know nothing about, and won't give a hoot, even while you're watching, and won't remember much when you leave.

Please bring Robin Hood and his merry men back.

If you remember Robin Hood like I do, it's a rousing tale of a rogue bandit with a sense of humor and a band of merry men.

Not so in Ridley Scott's version -- a sort of prequel to the origin.

This would-be epic is a recycled action/adventure film with an obligatory battle scene (and of course, an empowered woman).

Boring and somber, not only have we seen it all before, but we've seen it from director Ridley Scott.

The new Robin Hood is Russell Crowe's interpretation of the beloved classic archer's tale from 13th-century English folklore.

He plays Robin Hood as a dissatisfied earl who is so sick and tired of King John's high taxes that he takes action.

Everything in this movie builds to an excessive fight, matching the under-manned English against the greater force of invading French.

The sequence is clearly stolen from Braveheart, and no attempt is made to hide the fact.

The battle is more luke-warm than stirring, and the ending feels imposed by duty and it seems that anyone with a small amount of knowledge of the Robin Hood legend will know where this back story is going.

I hope the set up sequel -- if they have one -- will at least have some lightness, comedy, and adventure, after this dull, weary, tiresome film.

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