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Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino have teamed up together in Righteous Kill.

I thought their presence would give this film some real punch. This movie didn't stack up to my expectation, but I did enjoy watching the two stars obviously playing off each other and just having some fun with the whole thing.

A scissors sideways for myself.

Pacino and DeNiro do walk-through performances in this standard police thriller where they track down a serial killer, dishing out vigilante justice.

Relying solely on star quality and a very thin script, the film has way too many close-ups of the aging actors.

Still, it does have a good twist (that anyone could see coming from a theater away).

Mediocre at best.

In my opinion, the motion picture Righteous Kill does not live up to its name title.

It's the third film in which Oscar winners Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino both appear.

In this movie, the two super stars are paired on-screen for almost every scene.

Unfortunately, it's just about the only reason to see this otherwise disappointing, dim, lackluster police thriller.

The story is about two N.Y. City policemen fighting through political red tape to capture a serial vigilante.

The movie's central mystery is who may or may not be the killer.

The tale is predicable, the pacing is all wrong, and there's nothing in this flick that approaches either actor's best work.

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