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Return to Me




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 Scissors up

Return to Me has a plot just a little different than most films.

A happy man becomes despondent after his wife dies in a car accident.

Then, by fate, he falls for a woman who may have the transplanted heart of his dead wife.

This is a romantic date comedy or old-fashioned feel-good movie, with a large, popular supporting cast.

It seems a little familiar at times, but never-the-less very enjoyable.

What can you say about a sappy romantic comedy with the most contrived premise of all time? Well, "Not bad."

They lay the sentiment on with a trowel in the beginning, but once they get to the story, there is actual chemistry between the leads.

But what saves this movie is the likable cast of supporting players, who bring humor to the story.

Although this movie would have been greatly improved if they had lopped off the first 20 minutes, I still give it a hesitant scissors up.

Dean Martin sings in the title song:

Return to me,
Oh my darling
I miss you.
Hurry back, hurry back, hurry home.
Return to me.

This romantic comedy has heart, and plenty of them.

Feeling good is what Return to Me is all about. I especially liked the last half of this film, that rides on a bit of fantasy and drama, as well as attaining a touching inspirational tone, in the end.

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