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Redbelt twists and turns with the best of them -- a story line that follows so many elements it's impossible to guess which direction it's going next.

Tim Allen is surprisingly good in a non-funny dramatic role, making it the first time he has ever been not funny on purpose.

Don't go in expecting The Karate Kid -- part of the fun of a meaty intrigue-packed film like this one is trying to figure out on which details the story will turn.

Or better yet, don't guess, just pay attention and let them entertain you.

In this adult version of The Karate Kid, David Mamet brings an odd blend of drama, pathos, cynicism, and fight styles into a character-driven study of a martial arts teacher and how he must deal with his own inner struggles.

Torn between personal, financial, and philosophical demons, he must choose his own path to self-righteousness and victory.

This film is about an L.A jujitsu instructor with a brave, unwavering code of honor. He's a person who faces hardships without flinching.

The story is set in the world of mixed martial arts, but it's really not a martial arts movie.

In my view, it's more about honor and betrayal with fighting in it.

The plot is almost comical and doesn't stand up to close inspection, but there is a level of entertainment to be had while watching it unfold in all of its strangeness.

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