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I waited with anxious anticipation for Red Dragon--while others shuddered at the thought of still more gourmet dinners by Hannibal Lecter, the screen's most famous cannibal.

The refreshing part of this movie is its use of old-fashioned acting. You won't want to leave your seat for popcorn.

Red Dragon is a terrific, suspenseful, and sometimes terrifying edge-of-your-seat ride.

I was well satisfied and pleased.

A brilliant ensemble cast struts their stuff as Hannibal Lecter returns for the first time in this Silence of the Lambs prequel/remake.

This time it's Edward Norton taking on the "Tooth Fairy," a serial killer with a William Blake fetish.

Less gore and solid storytelling make this one a winner, with a few surprises thrown in for pure enjoyment.


Red Dragon is based on the first of Thomas Harris' three Lecter novels. So far, the franchise has made more than $630 million worldwide.

The film is a suspenseful, scary, bone-chilling thriller, with an all-star cast of one Oscar winner, four nominees, and one Tony winner.

This is an acting feast that's hard to beat. I'm hoping this movie is not the last supper for Anthony Hopkins, and that he can be lured back into the Hannibal Lecter mask one more time.

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