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The Quiet American is set in 1952 in Saigon and focuses on the events that lead up to the United States' involvement in Vietnam.

It's a fascinating piece of history, showing the war-torn country and efforts of the occupying French. Then add a love story and politics, for an award-winning picture.

This picture is worth seeing just for the sheer enjoyment of Michael Caine's performance.

The Quiet American is a classic love triangle set in Vietnam just before America's involvement.

Michael Caine plays a London Times journalist who has found an idyllic life of passive nonchalance.

Slowly the movie becomes a metaphor for shifting alliances (both personal and political) after an American newcomer entangles his professional life.

A worthy screen adaptation of Graham Green's 1955 novel, as timely today as it was then.

The Quiet American is a fascinating, hypnotic mix of politics, romance, and spying intrigue.

This often-forceful tale of life, love, and jealousy is played out under the gathering storm clouds of war.

The star gives a first-rate performance as a tired British journalist, and the costar matches him as a fresh-faced American on a mission.

Both men are in love with the same good-looking young Vietnamese dancehall girl.

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