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American Psycho




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Here's another el-sicko psycho very graphic picture with horrifying funny scenes. One minute, you're laughing, the next you're frozen in your seat.

I found it original and loved the humor, with great lines throughout.

The main point is about a time and place in our society, and about material objects and greed--with a wacko serial killer thrown in to add to the excitement.

It's not for everyone, but it sure worked for me.

A wonderful cast is trapped in this black comedy, with no escape!

American Psycho spends less time on violence than on the horrors of consumerism.

It is at times brilliant, but it is also a film bogged down by a rating controversy and the dreaded trick ending--making the movie experience just about average.

Too bad!

American Psycho is a bold fantasy, and only partly successful in its attempts to be funny one minute, and horrifying the next.

I personally didn't find anything entertaining or funny about being placed inside a serial killer's warped, deranged mind while he goes on a chopping spree and later a chain-saw chase that leaves you with visual images that are too hard to take.

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