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This week's reviewed movie is:
The Proposal




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber


The Proposal -- using the standard romantic comedy rules , like two people hating each other followed by a crazy story -- has all the above.

However, it has a few things that separate it from just being another chic flick, like talent, chemistry, and people who know how to be funny.

It balances humor and charm with unusual skill, showing how actors and a good script can make things come together, and making for a really enjoyable fun movie to watch.

If you like your romantic comedies like your cappuccino (lite & frothy), then this one is for you.

It's still the same old story -- if they hate each other at the beginning, then by the end they'll either be married or engaged.

And this one is strictly by the book.

Despite the promise of a fish-out-of-water story, it's still Green Card redux, with Sandra Bullock doing what she does best.

The Proposal is a romantic fantasy comedy that follows a Hollywood formula by the book and in standard order.

The film is proudly square and completely predictable, like in the tradition of the 1940s and 1950s films of the same type.

This picture is all about Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. The two trade a trick marriage for a promotion, but the real pull or draw of the movie is a chance to see its pleasant, charismatic stars go head-to-head, like in a kind of Abbott & Costello routine.

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