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Proof of Life




Gene the Barber

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Proof of Life has lots of slow dialog that goes on too long and is not terribly interesting. Then it quickly changes back to action scenes to hold your attention.

I found the topic interesting, with just enough romance to satisfy.

The acting and supporting roles are done well, and the cinematography is full of interesting camera angles and natural beauty.

So, the slow parts didn't keep me from saying, "Scissors up!"

This overly long adventure-drama proves that an off-screen romance doesn't necessarily mean on-screen chemistry, as the totally miscast Meg Ryan searches high and low for her kidnapped husband, aided by hostage negotiator Russell Crowe.

Good camera work and exotic locales are wasted on an uneven story that focuses on the wrong characters.

The problem that I have with Proof of Life is that the main story is consigned or committed to sub-plot status, while the less-intriguing side of the story takes center stage.

This mixture of drama and romance never finds the proper balance (in my view).

This film has great cinematography, but the impressive look cannot fully compensate for the uneven and partially involving nature of the overall story.

The action sequence in the last 30 minutes offers an exciting climax, but the story takes too long to get to this point.

The romance or low-key love story is resolved in a careless, manner. I found this dissatisfying.

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