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This movie covers the life of Jackson Pollock when he was an abstract painter living in New York City.

He meets fellow artist, Lee Krasner, and they become lovers. This relationship is the focus of the film.

As success rages so does Pollock's ego and drinking. Then he discovers his famous drip-and-splash technique, and the whole art scene changes for him.

Pollock is a film about a painter in which we really get to see the artist paint. So, check this one out--it's a good, true drama that gets pretty involved.

Jackson Pollock was a manic depressive who soothed his artistic angst with bouts of alcohol and activity.

Ed Harris embodies Pollock brilliantly, both as actor and director. But as good as this film is, and at times it is magnificent, it is also disappointing--as we never find out what it was that tormented this man toward genius and ultimately self destruction.

Still it is a splendid biography of a great American artist and well worth seeing.

Ed Harris gives an Oscar-nominating performance in the movie Pollock. He depicts the torment and inner turmoil of his painting.

Films about the torture of creation usually require a villain. This director's variation is a bit more complicated. He takes on both sides with full awareness that the role of own worst enemy was played by none other than himself.

In 1949 the famous Life Magazine featured an article that celebrated the revolutionary Jackson Pollock as the most vital force American painting.

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