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Planet of the Apes




Gene the Barber

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You don't have to be familiar with the 1968 classic. They made this movie to stand on its own merits.

Those who know a little about the older film will find great pleasure in the way they reshaped and structured this one.

They created an amazingly believable world: also the makeup and costumes are shockingly good. Even the apes acted like apes.

With a touch of humor and somewhat serious sci-fi/ adventure, monkeys are still always fun to watch.


Welcome to the 3rd talking animal film of the summer.

There is going to be a lot of comparisons and criticisms between the original and this remake. So let me tell you straight out that Rick Baker's makeup is awesome, and Tim Burton's direction is outstanding.

However, this is a retread of the original film. As a matter of fact, some of the best lines are lifted directly from the 1968 classic- complete with a contrived "twist" ending.

But in a summer of disappointing blockbusters, this still remains one of the best bananas in the bunch.

The human star in Planet of the Apes is so bland; it's hard to care what happens to him in the film.

The production design, art direction, and makeup are impressive, but the story is simplistic and dumb in places.

The main plot points are disappointingly familiar from past ape pictures.

Without energy and joy from the star, the movie just didn't work for me.

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