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Robin Williams plays a local photo clerk, Sy Parrish--a truly pitiful character who maintains this lovable-yet-pure-evil appearance throughout the film, developing an unhealthy obsession for a local family and reaches new levels of creepiness trying to manipulate this family--leading to one of the most fulfilling and haunting endings of any film I've seen this year.

One-Hour Photo is a fantastic movie watching experience.


Robin Williams is genuinely creepy as Seymour Parrish, the photoguy whose obsession for family life is pushing him over the edge.

Using spacious scenes flooded with light to emphasize loneliness, writer/director Mark Romanek illustrates the stark contrast between fantasy and reality, black & white and color, and consumerism and family values.

Quiet, subtle, and quite disturbing.

One-Hour Photo is a polished thriller about how the images people use to build and define themselves can be painfully deceiving.

The star plays a dull, friendless photo clerk developer that goes from being a simple and creepy obsessive, to a complicated and dangerous stalker.

Robin Williams gives a performance that will haunt you. This is one of the more truly, deeply scary movies of the last few years.

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