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Penelope is a fairy tale about a curse put on her -- she was born with a terrible pig snout for a nose.

After her secret is out, the family arranges suitors to drop by, with the promise that one of them can marry her. But after just one look, they all run fleeing in terror.

There are no surprises about what happens next, but it's hard not to enjoy some of the ugly duckling story about learning to feel comfortable in your own skin and like the way you are.

A young woman with a pig nose must find true love in this fractured fairy tale of sorts.

Christina Ricci shines but the script does not, as a promising story goes from interesting to just plain . . . well plain.

The allegory is obvious, and the outcome predictable, but it is still average viewing for the love struck amongst us.

This is a "once upon a time," modern-day twisty fairy tale.

The story revolves around a young wealthy woman who's the victim of a family curse and must find a man who loves her faithfully so the spell can be removed from her pig nose.

Penelope is Beauty and the Beast, with both looking of the same person and with the twist at the end completing the fairy tale.

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