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Pearl Harbor




Gene the Barber

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Pearl Harbor has something for everyone, young and old alike. I really liked the feeling of the old-time sentimental romance, plus they captured the patriotic part of the war like I remember it back then.

Another plus for me, was the flying. As a kid, airplanes were always my first love. This movie will put you right in the cockpit.

It has three stories in it, so it's not just about Pearl Harbor. The war portions are very graphic and tragic, but the visuals are stunning.

This movie worked for me with a good feel to it.

No matter what I say, Pearl Harbor will do well financially. Disney has spent almost as much on promotion as it did on production. But to be honest, both history and dialogue get the short end of the stick in this Bruckheimer extravaganza.

The 40 minutes of Pearl Harbor bombing are the most spectacular F/X I have ever seen, but the buildup and aftermath take longer than the actual event did.

Beautiful art direction wasted by bad screen writing.

My mama done told me, when I was in knee pants. My mama done told me, son. A woman'll sweet talk, and give ya the big eye. But when the sweet talkings done, A woman's a two-face. A worrisome thing who'll leave ya t' sing the blues in the night.

Pearl Harbor is an historical action picture; this WWII epic is also first and foremost a love story that uses the tragedy as a backdrop for a passionate triangle involving a Navy nurse, an Army flyboy, and his best friend.

The love story gets buried by explosive battle scenes and heroism but resurfaces for a sad yet romantic ending.

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