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The Pacifier had enough fun and quirks to exceed my expectations.

Vin Diesel plays a Navy Seal who must protect the bratty children of a murdered scientist.

This movie has a lot of laughs for adults. I was surprised, despite the full diaper jokes, vomiting, and shots to the groin.

However, everyone is upstaged by a duck.

Diesel does some solid work and is not afraid to look foolish.

This film is too good to trash and not good enough to go up on, but good enough to go sideways.

This Kindergarten Cop wanabee attempts to show us the softer side of Vin Diesel, a kid phobic Navy Seal assigned to watch over five children.

This is an on overly violent comedy that is predictable from beginning to end, complete with a love interest that makes absolutely no sense.

You've seen it all before.

The Pacifier is a sloppy movie, because it offers little more than a foolish, trivial screenplay.

Almost everything in this film is predictable. Vin Diesel, the action actor is better than the material offered to him, but no matter how hard he tries, he can't rise above the kiddie plot.

The one redeeming value of this flick is the star doesn't kill anyone and his young relatives will be able to watch.

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