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Open Range




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Kevin Costner found his home on the range in this film. He plays a soft-spoken cowboy with a burden of guilt about his compulsion to kill.

The trouble starts when they drive their cattle through an area where ranchers have no use for grazers.

Costner also directs and does a good job of rounding up stars such as Robert Duvall, who gives one of his finest performances as Costner's long-time boss.

Open Range worked for me. I was ready for an old-fashioned western.

So go see and support your local gunslinger movie.

What has a lethargic pace, contains beautiful cinematography and ends in a bloody shoot out.

I'll give you a hint; it's big on character development and short on an understandable plot.

Yes, it's the new Kevin Costner film, and if you like this new generation of the western genre, then you'll probably like this movie.

But if you're looking for action, this ain't it. More cerebral than your average horse opera, Open Range moves at a snail's pace and leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

Kevin Costner, directing and starring in his first western since Dances with Wolves, puts together a new saddle and six gun film called Open Range, that begins with beautiful views of untamed big country and ends with a solid shoot-em-up that hits its mark.

The movie has its faults with its over-simplified view of good and evil, but I found it refreshing for a change and enjoyed the romantic ending.

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