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Shanghai Noon




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Shanghai Noon

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 Scissors up

Scissors up

Shanghai Noon is a crafted tasty treat to watch--just plain fun. I liked the setting of the old West, which gave it just the right flavor.

And for dessert: the humor just never stops. There's a lot of play on words, so pay attention to the lines.

This movie's to be enjoyed for its jokes, not for the plot.

With a heavy accent on comedy, Jackie Chan stars as "Man Who Fights in Dress" in this simple fish-out-of-water Western, a refreshing slant on the buddy film, with NO car chases and only ONE explosion.

Not his best, but highly entertaining.

The film has a feel-good take off of every Western you have ever seen, from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to even Blazing Saddles.

The picture provides a spectacular clash of cultures in sets, costumes, and characters. The movie is as funny as its core concept. It's nice to see the evil spread around, rather than be relegated to one race.

This is equal-opportunity nuttiness with all the Wild West types. The emphasis is more on the comic than the acrobatic. It has a cross-cultural spin with an ethnic twist.

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