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Nicholas Cage stars in a film called Next as a fellow born with the ability to see into the future -- but only two minutes ahead, and then only events that are directly related to himself.

Fearing being treated as a fraud, he conceals his talent as a second-rate magician named Frank Cadillac in a second-rate Las Vegas casino.

There was a potential that the movie's sleight of hand was working, but no one involved followed through to exploit it.

In fact, this film has a twist that actually made the whole audience groan.

By the time the movie was ending, I heard noises like at a sporting event when the opposite team wins.

For myself, this was downhill all the way.

This is the second time this year that Nicholas Cage has proved just how bad of an actor he can be, and although this movie is beautifully directed and contains some spectacular special effects, nothing can help the ludicrous script about a man who can look two minutes into the future.

Will he stop the terrorist from nuking L.A.? What do you think?


I found the first hour of this science fiction time travel film to be interesting, with its gimmick about a guy who can see two minutes into his own future, but then the rest of the movie seemed to lose its edge and becomes lazy in ways in which his powers are handled.

The picture fails to play by a consistent set of rules and can't keep momentum and collapses under its own weight.

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