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Finding Nemo takes place mostly underwater, and is about two clownfish, showing a lush and witty world in the sea.

The animators have come up with great new ways of making these fish seem human and real besides being beautiful.

There's a blend of frisky, smart comedy with a soulful story of a father's search for his lost son.

Children and adults alike should be delighted by this charming, amusing funny family feature.

It looks like Pixar made another winner.

Pixar has taken computer animation to a new level, or in this case, new depths.

Having already dealt with toys, bugs, and monsters, it was just a matter of time before they got to the ocean and a whole new world of characters including: clownfish, jellyfish, sea turtles, a trio of sharks on a 12-step program, and a cephalopod with a bladder problem.

Finding Nemo may not tread new water in the plot department; however, a visit to this underwater fantasyland is not one you'll soon forget.

Pixar Animation Studios has created a perfect fish-in-the water tale for the entire family.

The computer artistry is amazing. Finding Nemo is an absolutely charming film and (in my view) already a true family classic.

I think it's the best job ever from Pixar and that is saying something--with their impressive list of four features, raking in a bundle that totaled 1.73 billion worldwide.

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