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Mystic River




Gene the Barber

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Mystic River has many parts to it, a film I could enjoy seeing twice.

I enjoyed the experience of being caught up in a movie and the lives of the people. It takes you places completely unexpected through twists and turns.

Feeling both shattered and completely spellbound, our pro-director Clint Eastwood knows how to put a top-notch cast of award-winning actors together and keep the customer satisfied.

It's a rare thing, I've heard more than once, when you can make a movie better than the book.

It's a rare treat, so don't miss this one.

When it comes to exploring the human drama, Clint Eastwood really knows how to pick a script.

This story, about three men who have known each other since childhood, has an added layer of psychological depth brought out slowly through character development and a recent trauma.

It's a thoughtful study of relationships: how they can grow and how they can change, and in Eastwood's hands, it's a portrait of human frailty painted by a master.

I liked Clint Eastwood's straightforward, unpatterned style of storytelling.

This is a powerful film of crime, guilt, and punishment, but the real force of the movie is what is underneath the story: the hearts and soul of the characters, which are daring and carefully erected and completed by the outstanding cast.

The picture is about more than outrage; it's about family, loyalty, and about choice options that are not what you expected.

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