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The Musketeer




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I guess the best way to describe this movie is to say they took a standard good swashbuckler musketeer story and added Hong Kong-style sword fighting and fancy marshal arts footwork, hoping it would make it more exciting and fast moving.

It didn't work for me, and the story fails to clarify who's who and what the motivations of the various characters are.

Some good scenes, but my overall reaction was that the film is not very satisfying and a little frustrating not really knowing what was going on.

Reimagined or remake, you've seen it all before--or have you?

The idea of choreographed fight scenes is not new, and certainly not new in this dismal version of Dumas' bold tale.

More a tale of revenge, than of brotherhood, it's a good movie stripped bare by bad direction, dark lighting, and closecut editing. Which is too bad; the only thing this had going for it was the stunts.

The Musketeer has a new name, but retells the same old story with Hong Kong-style fighting.

This latest version of the 18th-century swashbuckler presents a dark view of a brooding, loner cowboy desiring revenge. I found that most of the fight scenes were underlit, overmilked, and poorly edited. The visual and narrative scenes were sometimes senseless.

The movie is meant to impress and dazzle, but in the end it fizzles and loses its edge.

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