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Welcome to Mooseport




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber



Well, here's another movie that just sits there, going through the motions, offering very little in originality or surprise and most disappointing in laughs.

You'd be shocked at how unfunny TV's most funny guy, Ray Romano, could be in this film.

Gene Hackman, as usual, delivers a strong performance.

Sadly, Mooseport doesn't deliver in the right places, making it hard for the actors to shine with such a poorly written script.

Everyone loves Raymond, but not on the big screen.

This pathetic attempt at political satire falls flatter than a snake on a busy highway thanks to a bad screenplay and comatose directing.

A solid cast wasted on a nonfunny attempt at both romantic comedy and social commentary.

Ray Romano, the star of the popular TV show Everyone Loves Raymond, steps into the big screen for his first major film role.

I found the movie Welcome to Mooseport to be a kind of fun, small-town charmer that doesn't have high ambitions, but wants to entertain.

If you like Ray Romano and Gene Hackman, it can work for you.

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