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A Beautiful Mind




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A Beautiful Mind, starring Russell Crowe playing John Nash Jr., tells the story of a man whose mind was an enormous service to humanity, while at the same time betraying himself with frightening delusions.

This movie fascinated me with its uplifting story and it pulled me further and further into his life as it progressed.

Ron Howard directed a real winner. Maybe his best yet. Don't miss this one.

Director Ron Howard strikes an emotional chord in A Beautiful Mind, the true story of Professor John Nash, a mathematical genius with an overactive imagination.

Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connely turn in their best performances to date, (and are sure to be mentioned come Oscar time).

With a great ensemble cast to round it out with impeccable acting, which is emotional, dramatic and compelling--it's a must see.

A Beautiful Mind tells the true story of John Nash, a Nobel Prize winner who struggled through most of his adult life with schizophrenia.

The movie becomes a tale of one man's battle to overcome his own disability and the overreaching power of love from his caring wife.

The picture revolves around the strength of the relationship between the couple and how their strong union or bond allows them to overcome the troublesome difficulties they encounter along the path of life.

The film isn't about mathematics except as a symbol. It's really about human frailty and the ability to triumph over it.

This is as much a love story as a true tale of courage. A very thoughtful look at mental illness.

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