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Million Dollar Baby




Gene the Barber

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Not many filmmakers like Clint Eastwood can create the kind of excitement as Million Dollar Baby.

If you don't like boxing, relax. It's not a boxing movie, although it does have boxing in it.

It's a story of hope and determination that everyone can relate to.

It's a joyous story to the point, and then it becomes heartbreaking.

The plot is simple and goes back to basic storytelling with three-dimensional characters, and excellent acting & directing. You feel like you've known Frankie, Eddie, and Maggie for years.

This is a film destined to become a classic for many moons. This is a don't-miss-for-sure.

It is rare to see a film where everything fits together as well as Million Dollar Baby, a character-driven drama highlighted by three stunning performances.

Eastwood not only directs, produces, and acts, but also provides the haunting score that perfectly complements Tom Stern's shadowy cinematography.

This is not so much a film about boxing as one of respect and dignity.

It is definitely one of the best I've seen in a long time.

It looks like actor Clint Eastwood has directed and scored another masterpiece in his touching and latest movie.

A classically staged tale of an underdog's dreams set in the unforgiving world of professional boxing, Million Dollar Baby is a complex story about more than boxing; it involves the friendship of the three major characters that slowly develops into a father-daughter love story.

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