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This week's reviewed movie is:
Men in Black 3




Gene the Barber

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I thought the new twist in Men in Black 3 really worked well, using time travel and going back to when Agent K was 29 years old -- played by Josh Brolin doing a mighty fine and funny impression of Tommy Lee Jones.

From a technical standpoint, makeup and creature designs remain the series’ most appealing feature, along with the chemistry between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

Don't forget to wear black!

The Men in Black are back to protect the Earth from alien invaders -- but this time in the past of 1969, where we find out why K is grumpy, who Andy Warhol really is, and why the "miracle" Mets won the World Series.

It's more sentimental than the first, more fun than the second, and served up with plenty of chocolate milk.

It's very satisfying, especially if you remember the 60s -- and if you don't, take a trip and see the movie.

It's groovy!

This Men in Black is the 3rd installment of the science fiction comedy series that has grossed over $1 billion worldwide.

The basic plot for the threequel's story is: Agent J travels back in time to 1969 to stop an alien baddie from assassinating Agent K.

Co-star Josh Brolin shows up to play the younger Agent K, and he simply nails the deed, displaying great skill and creating a respect to the Tommy Lee Jonesness of Agent K that goes much deeper and funnier than a plain imitation of drawl and speech patterns.

Brolin magically juggles up the man in full.

Superstar Will Smith suggested Brolin be used during the making of Men in Black 2.


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