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The Mexican




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This movie is named after an antique gun called "The Mexican."

The story is very predictable and moves fast; many may not like it, but I sure did.

There's double crosses, mistaken identities, characters left for dead who reappear, language barriers, and a Mexican curse.

And for some really strange writing, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts only appear together at the start and finish of this film.

It worked for me, and I found it enjoyable, fun, and entertaining. Try and remember that it's a dark comedy, and a dog that steals the show.

Lower your expectations, The Mexican is a cheat--a romantic film with no romance, a funny one with no comedy, and an action film with no action.

And that's its problem. it's a film that depends on star power, a pairing that doesn't happen until the last third of the film, and that's when it falls apart.

The truth be known, there's more going on between Julia and the hit man with a heart of gold than Brad Pitt will ever know about.


The Mexican is a dark comic road movie featuring the star of The Sopranos, plus the two mega stars--Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts--together at last!

Well, sort of. The plot pulls two apart quickly. They have split-screen performances and only have five or six scenes together.

But a little of their chemistry goes a long way.

The big question in this flick is who needs to learn when enough is enough? I'm still trying to figure that out. But overall, I was entertained by this offbeat, adult, guns-n-mob show.

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